Monday, June 10, 2013

We Redesign your Business Opportunities is offering re-engineering & migration services to the companies. New technologies are appearing bringing new opportunities into seemingly perfect technologies. We offer Product Re-engineering services to upgrade current products to a new platform, architecture, OS and/or language. That's why once developed program can't be a panacea for all time. We provide end-to-end solutions for seamless migration right from planning, installing, and verifying, to customizing, testing, data migration and support. The new economy has put increased demands on businesses. Technology is changing rapidly, as is consumers' tastes, needs and desires. Competition has become intense and thus you need to become more efficient at all processes. 

Advantages of Re-engineering Migration:

  • Re-engineering/Migration of applications in the same platform
  • Technology migration - Enterprises migrate application to corporate standards. For high-tech companies we offer migration of products from older legacy technologies to newer open technologies to ensure integration with other tools.
  • Migration of databases, data servers
  • OS migration – We help migration of products from older operating systems to newer operating systems.
  • Re-engineering/Migration of applications across platforms & technologies


  1. OS Migration is the process of shifting via the use of a single managing atmosphere to a different managing atmosphere. Migration could include shifting to new hardware, brand new software program, or even the two.